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About Me

I'm Daniel Schmidt, currently studying Computer Science at the Technical University Darmstadt (Germany) and my passion is coding and especially developing Backend Applications. Everything started around 9 years ago when I learned vb.net at school. From there on I started to continue learning on my own. Teaching myself C# over the course of multiple years and building Desktop Applications with it. After feeling the design limitations of these Desktop Applications more and more I started to learn nodejs, html, css and javascript in general to build my first Web Applications with it.


golang nodejs rest nosql
The language of my choice for developing Backend Applications is golang. I love the simple but powerful concurrency model it offers and it's a perfect fit for small REST Backends to large scaleable systems alike. I have also worked with Nodejs in the past.


html css js vue spa
I love to build clean and simple Frontends with the help of HTML(5) and CSS(3) and of course Javascript. I really enjoy building Single Page Applications with the help of Vue and I prefer to do as much from scratch as I can. To speed up the designing process I use SASS as my favourite CSS-Preprocessor.

Other Skills

c# java python c++
I build Desktop Applications with C# and learned a lot about the basics of programming and OOP with the help of the language.

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