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Cancer the Crab
June 22nd to July 23rd
Cancer is a cardinal sign.  Cardinal signs are active, self-motivated, usually ambitious, they like to generate momentum in any group of people in which they find themselves.  Cancer seek to motivate all activity to satisfy its changing mood and emotional need.
How to recognize Cancer

The Cancerian’s passing moods are synchronized to the Moon, answering to the same mysterious lunar influence that causes the tides of the ocean to flow in and out.  Yet, the moon doesn’t really change at all.  It just seems to.  Likewise, the Cancerian remains the same a person through all his fluctuating highs and lows.   Constant in its inconstancy – makes the crab easy to recognize, once you know the phase of the moon he’s in when you see him.

They secretly enjoy attention, and they’ll soak up any headlines they get.  Cancer may hide from things, but you can be sure that appreciation is not one of them.

Cancer can turn bluer than an inkwell, and drown you in depression deeper than the floor of the ocean.  His fears are usually well covered by the nutty lunar humor, but they are always with him, haunting his days and nights with a vague sense of nameless dangers, lurking in the shadows.  Pessimism is never far away; always ready to spoil those beautiful flights of fancy.   But, until he learns to conquer his fears, they form his Achilles heel, and they hurt every time he starts to fly to high.

His tears are never crocodile tears.  They flow from the deep rivers of his fragile and vulnerable heart.  You can wound his sensitive feelings with a harsh glance or a rough tone of voice.  Cruelty can bring on brimming eyes or a complete withdrawal.  In the midst of uncertainty, despair and sadness, cancer people seek retreat and solitude.  Just like real crabs.

Cancers have another mood, crabby.  The person who gives you a cranky answer when you asked for the time, the one who nearly snapped your head off when you asked him to pass the salt, was probably a cancer person going through one of his occasional crabby spells that makes him hate the world.  He’s not angry with you.  He’s disappointed with life.   He’ll get over it, and be his own sweet, gentle and understanding self when the Moon changes.

All lunar people have enormously expressive features.   A thousand moods play fleetingly across their faces in the course of a conversation.

Cancerians have such control of Imagery, and their moods are so intense, they can make you feel them, too.  Their imagination seizes joy and despair, horror and compassion, sorrow and ecstasy, and holds each emotion fast with a retentive memory.  They never forget any of the lessons life has taught them nor do they forget the lessons history has taught mankind.  Cancer is a sort of mental archaeologist, always digging for more fascinating facts. 

He’s also a well of secrecy.  People automatically confide their secrets to the crab, but with his sensitive emotions he already knows what’s on their minds.   Cancerian compassion is deep and highly intuitive.  There’s hardly a secret he can’t strip naked, if he chooses.

Cancer will never relinquish a treasured object, and that can range all the way from a beloved friend or relative to a title or a position – from an old tintype photo to a pair of old house slippers.

Cancerians never go directly after what they want.  Their strategy is to move in every direction but straight ahead.  They’ll play this shifting game indefinitely, until it looks as if someone else is about to grab the prize.  Then the cards are played quickly and cleverly – Cancer lunges forward, takes hold firmly, and refuses to let go.

Cancer’s heart is too soft not to be touched by someone’s need.  He truly cares and he wants to help.  But he’ll sit back cautiously and wait to see if there’s anyone else who might move in first.  The crab’s heart is soft at the core, under his hard, conservative outer shell.  But there’s just so much of his time, his money and his emotions he has to give, and he chooses to distribute each wisely.

When he does make a move, he’ll want some sort of track record behind him – or behind you.  The crab carefully calculates his actions on experiences either his own or someone else’s.   He needs the strength of an accepted precedent or the assurance of financial security as a foundation.

Male or female, the Cancerian loves his home with a respect bordering on reverence..  His home is where he plays, lives, loves, dreams and feels safe.

No matter how much money he piles up in reserve, Cancer never feels really secure, and no matter how much love he gets, he always needs more.  His emotions never let him become sure enough to relax completely.  He’s always piling up tangibles against some imaginary future disaster.  There’s one thing you have to understand about these people.   If it’s old, it has value.  It it’s new, it’s suspect.

Cancerian emotions can be stronger than the physical body.  Worry and apprehension can make him ill, and cheerfulness can make him well.  Often, he fears financial collapse or the loss of someone he needs emotionally.  If his security is threatened, either at the bank or in his heart, he can fall into a depression which unconsciously courts sickness or accident.  If he grows melancholy about fearsome possibilities, he invites trouble, and he’ll take twice as long to get well. 

The most vulnerable areas are the chest or breast region, the knees, kidneys, bladder and skin.  The head and face areas are also sensitive, as are the stomach and the digestive system.  Cancerians practically invented ulcers.  Cheerfulness, optimism and laughter, taken daily in large doses, will keep their minds and bodies healthy.  As Cancer imagines himself to feel, so shall he actually feel.  No other sign is so prone to let negative thoughts bring on illness, yet no other sign can create such miracles of self-healing.  It’s a strange contradiction, and it would immensely benefit all Cancerians to ponder it.

Lots of Cancer people have very green thumbs.  They produce some beautiful gardens that  are tended and watered with loving care.  Money clings to Cancer, and they like the feel of it, so they allow it to cling.  He’s so expert at accumulating cash and making it grow like the trees and flowers he plants.  It will seldom dwindle in his tenacious hands or run through his shrewd fingers.  Still the crab will share whatever he has willingly when someone he likes or loves is in real need. 

Food somehow represents security to Cancerians.  Wasting food is a crime to Cancer.  You’ll get all the second helpings you want, but be sure you clean up the plate.
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The Cancer Man

A taciturn expert of circumlocution he is. A scatterbrain and a chatterbox he is not.  Don’t expect this man to bare his soul when he first meets you. Cancerians never confide to strangers, and there are certain things even their best friends don’t know.  It will take a long time and a fair amount of patience to really know him.  If you catch him in one of his cantankerous moods, you may not be very anxious to really know him but try again.  Don’t give up so easily.

He can be flirtatious and fickle, but he can also be sensitive and loyal.  Without warning, that wrinkled frown can be replaced by a gentle smile.  When he’s sad and wistful, you’ll want to put your arms around him, and soothe away his melancholy.  When he’s showing off his sharp, intuitive mind, you’ll stare at him in awe.  His caution will impress you.  His pessimism will depress you.

You have to understand his personality changes.  They’re simply lunar moods, moving across in consciousness, here today – gone tomorrow.   Both during and between each mood, the Cancer man is true to himself.  Always try to remember that although a Cancerian’s manner can be rough and aloof, his heart is always soft and affectionate, and so full of sentiment it often makes him feel too vulnerable.  The temperature changes of a Cancerian could puzzle anyone.  First you shiver under his freezing glances, and then you get smothered with devotion.  His moods are the meanest when he’s the most afraid of losing something.

Finances have fascinated him since childhood, and saving will be substantially more attractive to him than spending.  Cancerian’s seldom collect cash for status.  They collect it for its own sweet sake.  Cancer man has an interesting idea of economy.  He’d rather take you out to the best restaurant, and get what he pays for, than risk offending his sensitive tastes with over-cooked lamb chops and indifferent service in a second rate place.

When a Cancer person tackles a career, he’s sure to be at the top of it.   He’s loaded with artistic talent.

If he’s a true Cancerian, he won’t’ be wild about sports clothes.   He likes conservative cuts and good tailoring. 

Let’s hope you find his mother congenial.  It’s fairly certain she’ll pop up in his conversation frequently, in remarks like, “My mother never wears much makeup, and she’s a beautiful woman.  Don’t you think your eye shadow is a little heavy, sweetheart?”  The Cancer man may be reluctant to dethrone Mama and crown you as his new queen.

With the typical crab, however, the problem is far more likely to be closeness.  There’s no use hiding the facts of life.  If you’re in love with this more common type of Cancerian, you’ll have to cultivate his mother, and you’ll have to be her rival while you’re showering her with compliments.  It’s not easy to cultivate and compete at the same time, but that’s the strategy you’ll need.  Cancer men will never admit it, but they love to be petted and babied by females.

The typical Cancerian male is a devotee of the finer things in life.  He’ll usually be a gentleman until you stop being a lady.  Ask him about his family tree.  He’ll love to tell you.  Most Cancerians delight in their backgrounds and their blood lines. 

Photography is a common lunar hobby, and few Cancer males live their lives without a least one camera.

It may be many years before a Cancer becomes enamoured with a woman because it isn’t easy for him to find a woman he feels is worthy of his interest.  He’s naturally shy of rushing in, but once he’s sure, he won’t’ be easily rebuffed.  Cancerians can play the role of the romantic lover artfully.  His timidity will switch to tenacity overnight, and you’ll find yourself being courted by an earnest, determined man who won’t’ take no as an answer for any proposal he has in mind.

Cancer dads are proud of their sons and fiercely protective of their daughters.  When they’re small, he’ll be just the grandest daddy you could imagine.  However, adolescence may churn up the water somewhat.  He’d like his loved ones to lean on him forever, and when they show signs of independence, he may become a cranky crab again for a period, as he rebels against their desire to experiment with the world outside.

Music, poetry, flowers, beautiful clothes, expensive perfume sparingly used, soft words and sweet caresses are all weapons which should mow down his weak resistance to romance.
The Cancer Woman

There’s no doubt about it.   In the beginning, you’ll have trouble deciding if your Cancerian girl is a gentle moon maiden or a wild loony bird.  In the end, you still won’t know.

During the rainy season, she’ll drown you in her sorrows.  When the sun peeks through the clouds again, she’ll double you up with laughter, and touch you with tenderness.  Experiencing her moods is like watching one of those old time silent movies, sometimes the tune is lively and gay; and then it gets melancholy and blue.  She’s just a little mad, slightly sad and superbly imaginative.

A Cancer female can go on a sudden spending spree when she’s been hurt and needs balm for her injured ego, but most of the time her outgo will lag considerably behind her income.  Your savings account may be of unusual interest to her, and money may be one of her favorite topics of conversation.

A Strange transformation will take place when you get the typical Cancerian girl along on a beach under a full moon.  You’re liable to see her whole range of emotions in the space of an hour.  Then you can choose the one you like the best and encourage her to cultivate it.

There are two distinctive approaches when a Cancerian female is in love with you.  The first is gentle and womanly, shy, modest and pleasantly homely.  The second is rather sticky.  The last type will use every trick of Eve to be with you always.

Cancer hates to be criticized, she is deeply wounded by ridicule, and she just can’t stand being rejected.  With her basically shy nature and fear that she won’t be accepted, she echoes the male of the Suns sign.  Seldom openly aggressive, the typical Cancerian hesitates.  You’ll have to make the first move.  If she moves anywhere at all, it will be backwards or sideways.

Be kind to her mother, or she’ll never forgive you.  She’s afraid she isn’t pretty enough, she isn’t smart enough, she isn’t young enough or she isn’t old enough.  It makes no difference even if she is beautiful, she’ll still feel inadequate.  Assure her that she’s young, she’s lovely, she’s engaged, and she has you.  About twenty times a day should begin to make a dent.  She’s sort of predictable in an unpredictable kind of way.  Cancer women are very friendly with their ovens.

She may be afraid you don’t love her enough.  Go ahead and prove it as often as you like.  She’ll be beautifully receptive.  Once you’ve turned on the green light, she’ll happily recognize the signal, which may remove her feelings of inadequacy.  There’s nothing shallow or superficial about the sentiments of a cancer woman.  When she owns a man it’s a teacup, it’s hers forever.

July women prefer to save their deepest emotions for people closed to them.  Her feelings are so sensitive and tender; the slightest unintentional remark can wound her harshly.  Cancer women can be quite touchy.  They cry a lot.

She treasures the things she owns and guards them jealously.  That, of course, includes you. 

When things don’t go her way, she may shed a few quiet tears alone, but her normal reaction will be to fold her hands serenely and wait patiently for things to right themselves.  Patience is one of her loveliest virtues.

She does have a way of wanting to be babied.  The desire to be a little spoiled by loved ones seems to be buried deep in the Cancerian nature.  She needs desperately to know you can’t live without her, and sometimes she’ll go to great lengths to arouse your pity and protective instincts, just to be assured she means a lot to you.  It’s really very little for her to ask, when she gives so much in return.

There’s no end to the heroic sacrifice a cancer woman will be capable of for those she loves.  Nothing is too good for her family.  Cancer women are reluctant to give up their youngsters to the ties of marriage.  They tend to hang on too hard and too long and think no one is good enough for them.

Cancerian’s have a strange brand of possessiveness that’s unshakeable, but never aggressive.  She knows, in her secret heart, that no matter how far away you go to follow your dream, you’ll always come b ack again and she’ll be there patiently waiting.