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The Lines of Children

The Lines of Children

How many children shall I have?  Is a frequent question put to students of this science.

There are one or two points that must be considered before explaining the lines denoting children.

First, the student should examine what are called 'the bracelets*, or those three lines that generally run parallel to one another on the wrist.

The first of these is the most important in deciding how many children are likely to be born.

The lines that indicate children are found as finely marks upright lines from the Line of Marriage on the Mount of Mercury (D). The best plan to find these lines and see which of them appears to be the most important is to gently press the surface of the mount where the Line of Marriage found.

If out of three or four of these small lines we will say two appear to stand out clear and distinct, one will generally be found correct in stating that the woman will have two children that will live.

It is not usual to find lines indicating children in men's hand. In some cases, however, they are found as clearly marked as on a woman's. This indicates that the man concerned will be exceptionally fond of children, and of deeply affectionate disposition.

The upper line nearest the palm (A), the ancient Greeks in their study of the hand called it the “Bracelet of Venus.”  If this line was found rising in the form of an arch (A) they forbade the woman to marry as they considered it as a sign of unusual suffering in child-birth, and if the arch formation was extreme, it indicated danger to the woman's life in the delivery of children.

Doctors attending maternity hospitals in London and Paris took notice of the line on the hands of patients who were admitted for confinement.  In almost every case of long protracted or difficult birth, they found that the Bracelet of Venus was a pronounced arch.

It was also noticed that the recovery after birth was much slower than in cases where the three bracelets were even or parallel with one another.

It is therefore necessary to consider the first bracelet, or, as the Greeks called it, 'the Bracelet of Venus'"in estimating whether a woman is likely to have a large family or not.  Apart from all questions of birth control or religious scruples, a woman who has suffered intensely, or who has been near to death in giving birth to her first child, will be less inclined to have children once she has passed through her first ordeal.

If the second bracelet is also arched like the first, the danger in child birth is all the greater and the recovery still more protracted (B).

When the third bracelet is formed like a series of little islands or only half-way across the wrist, a considerable amount of delicacy of the internal organs may be anticipate (C).

When, however, the three bracelets are clear and distinct lying parallel to one another, a robust constitution is promise provided of course that there are no bad indications given by the lines of Life and Health.

A woman with a long thin hand, with consequently the Mount of Venus under the base of the thumb narrow, will be as likely to have as many children as a woman who has broad type of hand with the Mount of Venus also broad.
A distinction must be made between a broad Mount of Venus  and a high  mount.

A woman with the latter formation is more amorous and sensual in her nature than a woman who has the mount broad.   Intensely sensual, passionate people, it is well known, seldom have children. This point is then well worth attention in consideration of the question: 'How many children am I likely to have?'

In some cases these lines indicating children may come up from the Heart Line through the Marriage Line. In such an instance the woman will be of such an affectionate disposition] that she will be more bound up in her children than in any other part of her home life. Strong or broad lines indicate males—fine lines, females.  If one of these lines appears more distinct than the others it will be found that the child indicated, be it the first, second or third, from the outside of the hand, will be the more prominent and successful provided the line appears straight and clear.

lf one of these lines begins in an 'island' as it leaves the Marriage Line, delicacy of that child in its early years may be expected. If ending in an 'island' it foretells delicacy and likely death.

It is natural to suppose that some hands give greater details than others, as some people are more mentally conscious of everything that concerns them than are others.

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