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The Line of Success

The Line of Success
(The Line of Sun)

The Line of Sun—also called the line of Success (see map of the hand )—should, like the Line of Fate, be considered with the type of hand on which it is found.

It is more generally seen clearly marked on the philosophic, conic and psychic, and does not mean so much as even a lesser-looking line on the square or spatulate.  This point must be stress so as to bring out the meaning of this most important mark, which has been more badly interpreted than any other line on the hand.

In Greek works on Chiromancy, this line is called 'the Line of Apollo, for the reason that Apollo was identified with the sun god Helios.

 It appears to take after the qualities of rite God of Life, in that when well marked on a hand, it becomes like the Sun to the Earth in bringing into fruition the aims and desires of the individual.

It increases the promise of success by a good Line of Fate in the way that it gives distinction, brightness and in some cases fame and glory to the career. As the Sun brings fertility, and consequently riches to the earth, so this Line of the Sun improves the worldly position of the person on whose hand it I may be found.

Now, as everything in life must be judged by comparison, this line must be judged by the conditions governing the  career of the man or woman under examination.

If this line is seen appearing at a certain age in the hand of, say, a shopkeeper, it does not mean that he  will suddenly become an Imperial potentate having the power  of life and death over his subjects, but merely that he was  assured of a period of success in business that would make him  feel a king among his. fellows, and so on in connection with  every other career or activity that may be imagined.

To the poor artist, up to then starving in some attic, it would  show when his pictures would begin to be recognized. To the writer the period when his books would bring him fame. To  the actor the age at which he would make his mark. To the clergyman when he would receive clerical recognition. To the businessman when the 'tide had turned'. To even the woman of the streets when her luck would change.

To high or low, king or peasant, to one and all, irrespective  of birth, rank or education, whenever the Line of Sun appears there will be an improvement  in condition in due accordance with whatever the career may be.

This is the  most wonderful line on the hand, and also the most difficult for the amateur to 'read'.

The Line of Sun is so many-sided in the way it can be  applied to the affairs of everyday life.

The mysterious statement 'many are called but few are chosen' applies to all the devotees of scientific research.

The Line of Sun may rise from the Line of Life (A); the Mount of Luna (B); the centre of the palm known as the Plain of Mars (C); the Line of Fate (D); the Line of Head (E); or from any part of the Line of Heart (F).

Rising from the Line of life, if the rest of the hand belong to the artistic type, the life will be devoted to the worship of the beautiful, and if the Line of Head is sloping and well marked it promises success in artistic pursuits.

Rising from the Mount of Luna the success and distinction will be largely dependent upon the approbation of others,especially when the line of Fate also rises from this direction. This indication is most often found in the hands of public favorites who excite the adoration of the multitude.

Rising from the centre of the hand on the Plain of Mars (C), the line of Sun promises sunshine after tears, success after battling with adversity.

When coming out of the Line of  Fate itself (D), no matter from what part it makes its departure, it accentuates the success promised by the Line of Fate. From that time on everything concerning the career will improve.

When the Line of Sun is seen rising from the line of Head (E), no caprice of others is involved in connection with the success promised. The talents and brain power of the person alone will be the deciding factor, but in this position fame or success will not be gained until after the middle of life Is reached.

Rising from the Line of Heart (F), it may only denote great love and talent for artistic things, but in its other meaning it promises that there will be greater sunshine, happi¬ness or money in the person's life from that date on. Should, however, the Line of Fate turn towards the Mount of Jupiter at the same time, then the late Sun Line may be translated as meaning some unusual success of the nature of position in the world, or authority over others from then to the end of life.

Many lines on the Mount of Sun show a decidedly artistic nature and a certain amount of success late in life, hut these many lines also tell that multiplicity of ideas or pursuits inter¬fere with great success. One or two lines in this position are preferable to having a good many.

A star on the Mount of Sun (A) at any place is one of the best promises that can be found—if towards the termination of the line on the Mount of the Sun great fame or glory is assured.

It must be borne in mind that, as its name implies, publicity or the 'limelight' of life is found more in the careers of those who have the line of Sun accentuated, than in cases where it is only lightly shown.

In hands badly marked such as those with criminal or unfortunate tendencies, the Line of Sun may give too much publicity or notoriety of an unenviable kind.

A square on the line of Sun (B) is a sign of preservation from the attacks of those who would Endeavour to ruin one's name or reputation.

An island on the line of Sun (C) indicates loss of position and reputation so long as the island lasts. If the line appears as strong after the island as it was up to that time, it promises that the person will completely recover from what¬ever the scandal or trouble may have been.

Lines crossing the hand from the Mount of Mars and cutting or breaking the Line of Sun denote persons of one's own sex endeavoring to injure one's position or reputation (D).

Lines from the Mount of Venus or Mars, crossing over and cutting the Line of Sun, tell in a man's hand of men who will injure him, especially if any form of island be shown at the same time.  On a woman's hand these lines from Venus or Mars mean her own sex will injure her reputation or position. If an island be marked at the same time some decided scandal is indicated at the date in the life when the "island" appears (E).

When there is a strongly marked Line of Fate, but no sign of any line of Sun whatever, the fate Line may promise power and success in whatever the career may be. but there will be little brightness or happiness in the life. The man or woman will be extremely self-centered. They will shun publicity of all kinds, and will show little or no desire to enter social life.

When the Sun Line appears stronger on a hand than the Line of Fate, the person is overshadowed by the fame or glory of his forbears. This is often seen on the hands of sons who have famous fathers.

The Line of Sun should be equally balanced with the Line of Fate; if it appears unusually strongly marked the career  will be full of promise of brilliancy and fame, but without as it were any solid foundation.

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