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We are all One, we are all aspects of God
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We are all one
Love is all there is.
There is enough for everyone
Physical Immortality
The body was made to last forever.

Long Fingers and Short Fingers

Long Fingers and Short Fingers

Long fingers are seeking more contact with, and information from, the outer world. Long fingered people love details, need more data before forming opinions or decisions, and are outer directed. They are interested in the details of stories and events. They like to mentally take ideas and things apart, and put them back together again to better understand them before taking action.

Long fingered people are challenged to take action rapidly so that they do not miss opportunities. They need to guard against being "all talk and no action". Long fingered people may often find short fingered people getting "glassy eyed", yawning, or walking away in the middle of conversations because they may be inundating their shorter fingered friends with too much information!

It may appear difficult to believe, and yet it is the case as anyone can prove for himself, that persons with very large hands do the finest work, especially in the execution of details with precision.  Such hands are always found among diamond setters, engravers, etchers, watch makers and such like trades, but in every case  the fingers are long.  The very handwriting of persons with large hands is as a rule small and fine.

Short fingers  on the contrary go in for large ideas.  The generally detest detail of all kinds and their writing is usually large and bold.  Generally, short fingered people don't need, or want, as much information from their world around them as do long fingered people.

Short fingered people operate on a small amount of information plus their own "gut feelings". They are more inner directed than people with long fingers.

If you have exceptionally short fingers you are action oriented and don't need or want lengthy explanations. You are interested more in action than in information and the details about what will happen.

The palm of the hand when firm and elastic to the touch denotes a buoyant disposition and a healthy constitution.

A palm hard and dry as if carved of wood, with no elasticity in it, denotes a nervous worrying nature non-magnetic to others.

A soft flabby palm denotes a  love of luxury and indolence with a strong undertone of sensuality.

A “hollow palm”, especially  if at the same time hard, is an  unfortunate indication.  There is just a hidden something about such a person that generally attracts ill luck and disappointments.

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