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The Line of Marriage
The intricate and fascinating story of marriage is written on the hand in many different ways, and in accordance with the temperament of the subject under examination.

On the question of marriage as revealed by the lines of the hand, the student must realize that he is not a judge, but the counselor and friend of the subject whose love-life is stripped of secrecy in his palms. He must take the broadest possible view of the question if he is to deserve the privilege of probing into the inner sanctuaries of the mind and heart. It is human to love and to desire love.

No two life-stories are alike. The student must humbly refrain from 'sitting in judgment', and read without shirking all he sees without comment save warning, sympathy, and if he be competent to give it—advice.

It is useless for the student to attempt to study what the hands tell of love and marriage till he has cleared his mind of all prejudice, and acquired the breadth of vision which is necessary to understanding. People think and act and live according to their lights, their environment and their early training, but all humanity is struggling upwards towards a finer social system, a higher ideal of love. Each individual seeks and hopes for perfection as he or she sees it.

Some are born mature, with an innate wisdom which is beautifully applied to the great art of living, while others arc little more than children at the end of their lives. There is no life experience which proves this theory more strongly than the individual attitude to marriage, the personal reaction to love. For this reason the student must recognize that where one subject will believe that marriage is no sacrament unless solemnized in a church, another will be satisfied to be married by a registrar, a third will prefer a Gretna Green marriage over an anvil to a ceremony at an altar, while a fourth will hold that love itself is sanctification enough, and find in an 'irregular union* a spiritual inspiration.

Again, there are cases in which in spite of the deep desire of the subject, legal marriage is prevented by circumstances, yet the ties of affection remain equally strong. And there are others where no beauty of ceremony nor vows blessed by Church have been successful in capturing and imprisoning love. It is well to beat in mind that morality is not a fixed thing, but determined by location. What Is moral in one country is' im¬moral in another, and much so-called marriage has nothing to do with love.

All reasoning minds admit that there must be marriage laws to protect children and stabilize the social system which exists for the greatest good of the greatest number. But the fact that many a human heart chafes in its fetters, or cannot love within the rigid confines of the law, should rouse sympathy not censure, and call for guidance rather than judgment from the student whose skill exposes the secret of suffering.

Some of the greatest idealists make the unhappiest unions. The lines of the palm appear to indicate that they were 'fated1 to do so, yet at the same time show that had the subject waited he would have met his real affinity and life-long happiness would have been assured.

The most important indications of unions or marriages are given by 'the marriage lines* on the Mount of Mercury, which is again in keeping with how the mind reacts to the idea of marriage.

The Line of Marriage should lie straight and clear on the Mount of Mercury (A, Fig. 1) Only the long or important looking lines on this mount relate to marriage or long union— short lines relate to affairs that do not result in  marriage.

On the line of Fate if marriage has occurred at the period of age indicated on the Mount of Mercury, we may find it corroborated, and information given as to the effect the marriage has produced, which will be explain a little later.
From the position of the line on the Mount of Mercury, a fair idea of the age of the person at the time the marriage took place or will take place may be obtained. For instance, when a strongly marked line is found lying rather close to the Line of Heart, the union will be early, between fifteen to twenty (A, Fig. 1)-

Half-way up the mount, twenty-five to thirty, higher up still forty five to fifty five and so on. If an influence line is seen joining the line of Fate, it will give a more exact date (B, Fig. 1). Here is shown an influence line joining the Line of Fate very early at about eighteen to twenty years of age.
At the centre of the hand on or about where the Fate and Head Lines  cross is considered the middle of the fate; an influence line Joining it at this period would be considered to be about thirty-five years of age (C, Fig. 1). On the Mount of Mercury this should be corroborated by a line about the middle of the Mount.

!f the Fate Line appears to improve or look stronger when or after the influence line has joined it, the marriage has been favorable and improved the material position.

If, on the contrary, the Line of Fate is broken, irregular or badly marked after the influence line has joined it, and if this influence line tallies with the date given for the Marriage Line on the Mount of Mercury, then the reverse has been the case.

A wealthy union may in this way lie judged by the Line of Fate, or if a Line of Sun is seen opposite the joining of the influence line to the fate, which is very often the case.

When the line of influence comes decidedly from the Mount of Luna, the marriage or union will be more from the standpoint of capricious fancy than if the line of influence appears close to the Line of Fate.

When the influence line looks stronger than the subject's own Line of Fate, the person the subject marries will have the stronger individuality of the two.

One of the happiest signs of marriage is when the influence line continues as a fine attendant line by the side of the Line of Fate (D, Fig. 1), provided that the Marriage Line on the Mount of Mercury is straight and well marked.

If, however, the line of influence has an 'island' in it or runs into one (E, Fig. 1), it denotes that the person who influences the fate will get into trouble of a serious kind. If at the same time an island appears in the Line of Sun it will be of the nature of some public scandal.

If the influence Line passes through the Line of Fate and proceeds towards the Mount of Jupiter, the person on whose hand it U found will be sacrificed to the ambitions of the partner (F, Fig. 1).

The Marriage Line on the Mount of Mercury (A, Fig. 1) should be level and without breaks or crosses of any kind. If found like this it promises a happy marriage.

When found divided into two fine lines, it denotes that the two people may continue to live together but they will have divided interests (G^ Fig. 1). This is not a bad sign in itself, and only becomes so if a Line of Mars crosses from the Mount into (his division (H, Fig. 1).

If the Marriage Line in itself curves or drops downwards it foretells the loss of the partner through death (I, Fig. 1).

If the Line of Marriage curves downwards into a fork (A, Fig, 2), it is an indication of unhappiness in married life. When a line crosses from Mars into such a mark, the proba¬bility is that divorce will end the marriage (B, Fig. 2).

It the Line of Marriage is connected with a line from the Mount of Venus (C, Fig. 2), the influence of the subject's own SEX will interfere with the marriage.

When the Line of Marriage bends in a long curve down into the palm in the direction of Mars, it is in itself a sign of un-happiness in married life, but as a rule brought about by the quarrelsome jealous nature of the person on whose hand it appears (D, Fig. 2).
If such a line should end in an 'island', the marriage will end in scandal or separation (E, Fig. 2). If, however, this line  should end in a cross on the Mount of Mars, there is grave  danger that the jealous nature of the subject will become  dangerously out of control.

A similar indication is given if the Marriage Line ends in a distinct cross on the Mount of Saturn (F and G, Fig. 2). In this case the cause may not l>e jealousy, but the desire to remove the partner for some selfish purpose.

Such marks are still more accentuated if the Line of Heart! Is found curving downwards at its commencement to the Line  of Head.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2

When the Line of Marriage goes to the Line of Sun or sends a branch line to the Mount of Sun, the person on whose hand this appears will marry someone of distinction or a person of exalted position.

When, on the contrary, the Line of Marriage curves down wards and cuts through the Line of Sun (D, Fig. 3), it indicates that the person on whose hand this mark appears will lose  position by the marriage.

When a short strong line bars or cuts through the Line of Marriage, some great obstacle will arise to prevent marriage (E, Fig. 3). When a fine line is seen above the Marriage Line, running parallel with it, some deep affection will come into the person's life after marriage. This is likely to be confirmed if it is a serious affair by a second influence line to the Line of Fate above the one that tallies with the date of the principal marriage.

On all hands one is likely to find a Marriage line on the Mount of Mercury, but it does not follow that all who have this mark marry. The line on the mount means that at some period of the life, as shown by the position of the line which have explained earlier, there arises a desire or longing in the man's or woman's nature to be married. If there is no other indication in the hand, the marriage will only be in the mind of the subject, and not an actuality.

This may sound difficult to understand, yet to those who study the lives of others, a climax or desire, comes sooner or later in the lives of every man or woman who are normal human beings.

Another indication of marriage may be found, namely fine lines running parallel with the Line of Life on the Mount of Venus, and which are clear and distinct from the Line of Mars or double Line of Life. Taking F, Fig- 3 to be the Line of Mars, G, Fig. 3 must be understood as another indication by which marriage or a union may be interpreted.

The Mars line in every case comes directly from the Mount of Mars, and denotes a strong robust vitality. It may also be taken as a double Line of Life, but the latter can also spring out of the Line of IJfe itself at any period during the run of Life(H,Fig.3).

Marriage lines on die Mount of Venus are also called Venus lines', and are usually only found on the hands of persons who have an intensely strong sex nature.

Now as 'sex appeal' varies so greatly in degree with the individual, these Venus lines must again be considered in connection with the type of hand on which they are found.

On a long refined type they represent the higher expression of the passionate nature, while on a short coarse type they represent the more animal or sensual.

Men or women with the Mount of Venus large or highly developed are more easily swayed by the gust of passion that sweeps through their lives.

On long narrow hands the Mount of Venus is naturally not so high or rounded; consequently a person of this class has more control over his or her passions. If such persons have many 'Venus lines', they may have equally as many love affairs but from a more mental standpoint.
When the Line of Marriage is itself clear and distinct, but with a series of little lines curving down from it, it indicates long years of ill-health for the partner of the person on whose hand the mark appears (A, Fig. 3).

If the Line of Marriage has an 'island' in it, it foretells trouble in the married life and some form of separation while the 'island' lasts (B, Fig. 3).When this line seems full of a series of little 'islands', the subject should be warned not to marry as he or she is pre- destined to great unhappiness in married life

When the Line of Marriage breaks into two parts and the upper part continues straight and clear, it indicates that a break will occur in the marriage, but that the subject is likely to remarry later the same partner (C, Fig. 3).

Fig. 3
When a line which has been deep and strong appears to turn in on the mount away from the Line of Life, the person who has influenced the nature will cease to play any role, although the memory of the passionate love affair may remain (A Fig- 4). 

When a 'Venus line' appears with an island (B, Fig. 4), the person influencing the life will get into trouble and disgrace.  

If a 'Venus line' crosses and joins with the Line of Life or sends a branch to it, the influence will become as strong as Life itself (C, Fig. 4).  Should a 'Venus line' or a branch from it cross over and cut the Line of Fate, the influence thus indicated will cause injury to one's destiny (D, Fig. 4).

If the influence line or a branch from it cuts the Line of Sun, one's position or public reputation will be affected.
Fig. 4
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