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Significance of the First Vowel of Your Name
What The First Vowel Are

The single vowels are A, E, I, O, U,..  Y is used. when the name contains no other vowel.

The first vowel of your first name shows your reaction to outer stimuli, or how you will think, act, and behave. 

What Your First Vowel Tells You

Vowel "A"

The vowel "A," with a numerical value of one, is mental in aspect, but it is also emotional, for it has considerable feeling. As a first vowel it is progressive, adventurous, independent, and original. Having a pioneering spirit,.it will push ahead. If A is the first vowel of your first name, you will be interested in new ideas, but you will prefer that they come from your fertile mind rather than from another, for you like to be creative. You enjoy being different. You will defend your own viewpoint even though the whole world opposes you. Since you refuse to be driven, you will accept advice only when it coincides with what you already believe, and then merely to double check your own views.

"A" invites new contacts, new opportunities, and new activities involving change. You want to break away from old or tried traditions and venture into the unknown.

If your first vowel is A. you must guard against being domineering, opinionated, and having false pride. You should learn to be tolerant, yet never lose your individuality.

Vowel "E"

The vowel "E" with the numerical value of five, is physical in aspect, and is related to the five senses. It has been labeled the spice of life, for it likes variety, change, and action.

If your first vowel is E, you want freedom above everything for growth, but you should not break rules to get it. E is called the number of experience, and it occurs in names more often than any other vowel or letter. Under E the unexpected is the rule. Many problems arise because of hasty action. If E is your first vowel, public contact will bring enjoyment and often travel. Money has a way of being plentiful one minute and scarce the next, because of the "easy-come-easy-go" attitude of an E.

Marriage partnerships may be unstable, and the home may suffer due to the fluctuating worldly living and impulsive actions. Life's experiences, which will be many, are enacted as on a stage or in a glass house. You will experience many exciting conditions, opportunities, and problems. Therefore, you should keep up-to-date, for you may meet the unexpected momentarily. You must learn to overcome temptation and excessive indulgences, especially in regard to the opposite sex. You must guard against being too restless and changeable, especially in matters of love and speculation.

Vowel "I"

The vowel "I," which has the numerical value of one, must cultivate universal love and understanding. If the first vowel of your first name is I, you are intense, emotional, and have an abundance of vital energy. You are a law unto yourself. If you have many Is in your name, you will be sensitive to the point of being touchy, but you will be sympathetic.  lt may bring delays, for it is dual and a repeater. It is either the genius or the bum, the spreader of illumination or of terror. It is quiet, energetic, and helpful, or erratic and selfish. It is often bored or indifferent even though he has many talents. He does not like change, for he does not like to try anything new. He prefers to perfect what he knows, and then stick to the tried method, repeating it constantly. Heart and passion rule the mind of "I".  If he/she is well developed, he/she is sympathetic, and loves to serve humanity;  if not, he/she is self-centered, and self-indulgent.

The vowel "I"  can attract wealth and protection. He has the ability to understand the needs of others and so can pave the way for success and a fortune. If "I" is a failure, it is due to too much optimism, causing him to make mistakes.

If his intuitive sense is developed, he has creative talent. He must guard against being moody, for this may lead to loss of opportunity.

Vowel "O"

The vowel "0," with a numerical value of seven, is happiest when giving advice to others, or when counseling.   O likes to be useful, and is essentially the teacher or parent.

If your first vowel is 0. You need responsibility in order to feel important. You want a chance to shine in the home and community. You should avoid arguing. Even though you enjoy trying to convince others that you are right, you often arouse antagonism. If you must argue, be sure to be tactful.

Since you are an excellent host and a good cook, people look forward to an invitation to a party at your home. You are interested in improvements.

The interest of O runs to old established businesses. This gives him the opportunity or the desire to settle down in one place and not be forced to move. O needs harmony and beauty in his surroundings, and he enjoys working in a garden.

The first vowel 0 gives the opportunity to serve the community. He is often bound to the traditional

Many constructive O's have a talent for music, the arts, and poetry.  Too many O's might indicate stubbornness, slowness, and despondency.

Vowel "U

If the first vowel of your first name is "U," your approach is essentially that of a carefree, jovial, and happy person. Since you are outstanding in repartee, you could qualify as an after dinner speaker, for you have the gift of using words effectively. You are liked by most people, and are a good friend in return. You may attract peculiar experiences, suffering because of them. You are a nature lover, and make flowers and plants grow profusely. You are a good judge of perfumes and antiques.

Some U's are fond of study and mental analysis. Names with U as the first vowel are emotional. They may express themselves in several lines. They are artistic, and often engage in a profession. They must direct their efforts with an iron willpower to fight their excessive emotional quality. Often they succumb to unconventional love affairs.

U wants to branch out and do something different. The success of U, will come through creative activity. Sell-improvement is their Keynote.

They are usually charming and popular in groups, for they extend love and friendship to others. U is conservative and does not seek the initiative. He should rely on his intuition. A developed U will strive to uplift mankind. If living negatively, he will be selfish and narrow-minded.

Vowel "Y"

The first vowel "Y," with a value of one, can be used either as a vowel or consonant. If there is no other vowel in the syllable, then Y will always be a vowel. It is more inclined to lean than be dominant or independent.   Although it needs protection, it is able to draw a cloak around itself.

Y is introspective. Being strongly intuitive, it should follow its hunches. Y's force is intellectual and logical. Y is closely aligned with nature, but it has difficulty expressing itself freely.

If the first vowel of your first name is Y. You can gain much by being tactful and diplomatic, knowing when to speak, and when to keep quiet. You love to penetrate into the depths to gain knowledge and psychic phenomena.

A Y is worth cultivating. With your secretive disposition, you keep many things to yourself, refusing to share your secrets with even your closest friend or relative. You like to spend some time alone in quietude and reflection.  Y is difficult to understand, for he bottles up his feelings. He admires intellectual pursuits, and mental courage.

You must learn to be discriminating. Otherwise, you may be deceived by appearances. Y becomes developed through silent study, prayer, observation, and meditation. If living negatively, you lack tact, analysis, and knowledge.

Vowel EW

The letter W" is never used alone as a first letter vowel. It occurs only in combination with another vowel, and each gets equal recognition. The EW is composed of two fives, namely, equals 5, and W equals five or a ten, giving it the value of A or 1, to a certain degree.  Being made up of two fives, EW depends on the opposite sex to accomplish its purpose in life.

When W is used as a combination vowel, it is dual in nature and can be a force for good or bad.  It is a follower and not a leader.

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